Cookies Explained Including Their Purpose

Cookies are little pieces of data in the form of small text files, made up of alphabets and numerics and are delivered to the user's computer by the web browser. They're also a type of Tracking Technologies that allow information to be gathered about your behaviour online. They make our Services to you more user-friendly like remember your personal browsing preferences, e.g. language and settings.

Cookies also track your computer/mobile device to enhance your navigation. At the same time, they allow online companies to upgrade their services to you by customising your personal experience. They are widely used in the online world today mostly because they provide easier navigation between pages.

Also, cookies are used to collect and perform analytical statistics - to ensure that the advertisements you see online are relevant to your personal interests. The small pieces of data track your interests and allow online companies to deliver customised content to you and to third parties who also accumulate info about you through tracking technologies. Should you wish to know more about Cookies, visit

Ways through which Tracking Technologies Are Stored

First Party Tracking Technologies allow us to continually improve our Services for you once you visit or access our services/websites. Also, Tracking Technologies are stored by other third parties like our analytics service providers/business partners/advertisers who run content on our services. These are called - Third Party Tracking Technologies. Both types of Tracking Technologies can be stored for the time-frame of your visit, or at frequented visits.

Types of Tracking Technologies Used at

Tracking Technologies - Cookies and Analytics

First party Tracking Technologies are used to collect information on how you interact with our Services. Hence, they compile reports, offer personalised content, calculate any monies owing to us besides helping us improve our Services for the user's benefit.

Both First and Third-party Tracking Technologies are unlisted and are used internally to customise and simplify procedures for the user's benefit. Also, both work to remember user choices and login information.

Personalising Your Cookie Settings

It is possible to turn off third-party cookies one at a time. However, when you manage and control cookies by deleting or blocking them, you will cause the ineffectiveness of some of the features and services and they will not work correctly. Therefore, it is highly advised that you read how to manage cookie settings - information which you will find through your web browser. Most browsers will outline information regarding the cookies by allowing you to see what cookies are stored on your device and how to block/delete them personally without affecting the features.